As we try to approach the end of 2022, we look forward to fresh, new color trends in 2023. Sherwin Williams recently released their Collection of the Year for the upcoming year: The Vintage Homestead Color Collection. “Revive design elements from the past with mixed patterns, classic shapes, and vintage décor to rediscover the meaning of home. Recreate your vision of comfort with the romantic and heritage-inspired colors of this Collection.”

This color collection is made up of ten hues that are split into four palettes named Bring on the Charm, Warm Welcome, Past Meets Present, and ‘Nesting, Nostalgia, and Nature’, which can be found at Sherwin Williams 2023 Color Collection of the Year

Bring on the Charm

Bring on the Charm is made up of plums and mauves that ooze vintage feminity. According to Sherwin Williams, this collection is meant to bring romance into a room; “Embrace the modern fixtures you desire with the vintage accessories and furniture that speak to generations past. Set the stage — and the mood — with the modern mauve of Glamour walls and the surprising depth of a Poetry Plum ceiling.” My favorite paint color from this Palette is Glamour, a lighter mauve that manages to make a room feel both light and mysterious.

Warm Welcome

The Warm Welcome Palette is all warmth, sunshine, and cheer. These tones welcome visitors and make instantly make a house feel like a home. “A home well-crafted is one where the welcome is warm from the minute guests open the door. Use color to deliver, like the warmth of Restrained Gold against Natural Linen.” I especially like using these buttery tones in guest bedrooms because I want visitors to truly feel that their room is their home away from home.

Past Meets Present

The Past Meets Present palette features colors that take visual cues from the past’s humble beginnings, speak to the present, and guide the path forward. “This rich, warm black is infused with brown undertones, making it an elegant and welcoming backdrop to any workspace. Style with minimal color and repeating shapes to retain visual harmony and reduce distraction from the tasks at hand.” The collection features a modern bohemian aesthetic, and natural materials complement the earthy tones. Poetry Plum and Wall Street are my top picks from this palette. These complimentary hues are the perfect subtle accent to any surface. 

Nesting, Nostalgia, and Nature

Sherwin Williams created the Nesting, Nostalgia, and Nature Palette to tell the story of combining modern living with outdoor spaces. This color collection is a hybrid of synthetic and natural and sculptural modernism and minimalism. “Bring the outdoors in and extend the living space just outside the walls. Make a smooth transition between interior rooms and outdoors with a seamless palette that complements the nook, kitchen, and patio.” My top pick from this palette is Darkroom, which is also their pick for 2023 Color of the Year. Darkroom is almost black but has a warmth, depth, and drama that would add to any style of decor.

 The Designer’s Eye 

Create a balance between fast and slow, quiet and expressive, and virtual and physical. First impressions are everything, and color can often make an impact that is easily unforgettable while creating breathtaking harmony. Paint transforms a space, but it also can be the focal point of a space and its surroundings. Color trends are no different than other design trends—they are fast-paced and ever-shifting. The Sherwin Williams 2023 Color Collection of the Year is always a great place to look for inspiration and fresh ideas.

There are countless different colors and types of paint that you can choose from, which can make any paint selection process overwhelming. One of the toughest things to do is select a paint color or colors for your home. We have all heard horror stories about loving the paint chip but hating how the paint looks on the wall. Hiring a professional design team can help guide you to the perfect color choices and the correct sheen for each room of your home. Whether you feel ready to take a big, bold leap out of your comfort zone or a tiny step, our design team can help you explore further. A major remodel is the perfect opportunity to rethink your home’s color scheme. If you’d like to discuss a renovation for your home, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Which colors can you envision brushed on your walls in 2023?