Interior Renovations

DMG’s Integrated Approach Assures Consistency In Design & Quality.


Whether your home is dated and needs a transformation or you’ve just bought a new home you’d like to renovate, DMG is the best choice for your whole-home makeover.

Most remodeling companies specialize in certain areas of the home—kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, etc. DMG is different: We specialize in integrated whole-home renovations, where we tackle the entire home at once.

The DMG Process™ is our blueprint that allows us to seamlessly tie everything together—from architecture to material selections to interior design. Every detail is meticulously planned and executed to give you that stunning, harmonized look and feel you usually only get with new construction.

Because of our integrated, whole-home approach, our minimum project is $100,000. Smaller, single-room projects may be considered if our capacity allows; please get in touch with us to discuss any project you have in mind.

Interior Renovation Gallery