We Handle both Your Design and Build For Faster Timeframes And Better Results

At DMG Design+Build of New Orleans, we have an innovative approach that eliminates the most frequent remodeling and building frustrations—problems like finger-pointing, construction delays, lack of liability, and ballooning project budgets.

We do that by bringing both the design and construction under one roof. Through The DMG Process™, our designers and builders coordinate from the beginning to achieve high-end results without the common remodeling hassles. 


The “Traditional” Way: Design-Bid-Build

Traditionally, large-scale remodeling and new construction require you to hire three separate firms: an architect, an interior designer, and a builder. This “chopped-up” approach creates a big problem—zero coordination among the three firms in charge of your project.

Architects and designers have limited knowledge of actual construction costs. They design what they think you want…without considering the costs. The result? The bids you get from the contractors far exceed your budget. You then have to take the plans back for changes and get more bids until you finally have a design that fits your budget. 


Costly last-minute Changes

No coordination between the designers and builders inevitably leads to costly change orders during construction.


Project Delays

Naturally, change orders will delay the completion of your project. Jobs can drag on months after the promised initial timeframe.



When you have “too many cooks in the kitchen,” finger-pointing is common. It’s always the other guy’s fault.


Disappointing Results

The lack of coordination can produce an end result that’s a far cry from your dream vision.

The DMG Process™: Design-Build

At DMG, we take a different—and better—approach to your project. We do everything in-house: the blueprints, the design, and the construction. This makes all the difference in the world.

Our award-winning DMG Process™ eliminates the common inefficiencies, setbacks, and construction cost overruns. What you’re left with are incredible results you love that are worth every penny


Absolute Accountability

The buck stops with us. We’re responsible for EVERYTHING regarding your project.


Quicker Timeframes

Because you don’t have to hire separate firms, you can expect results up to 75% faster.


More For Your Money

When everyone you need is coordinating under one roof, it minimizes the risk of changes that can increase costs.


Results True To Your Vision

Since it’s the same team from day one, your vision remains pure throughout the process.