Detailed Blueprints & Renderings

Your Dream Project Is What We Deliver—Period

Detailed blueprints and photorealistic renderings ensure you get exactly what you want and leave nothing to chance.

Rendering of Metairie Heights Addition Project
Completed Metairie Heights Home Addition Project

Many construction projects turn out differently than homeowners initially imagined. Why? Barebones blueprints and cut-rate design renderings.

Blueprints and design renderings are the foundation of your project. The company you hire has to get them right and has to account for everything. Otherwise, you will get hit with change orders during construction that compromise your original vision and exceed your budget.

When you choose DMG Design+Build, you don’t have to make sacrifices due to poor planning. Your dream is what we deliver. Our scrupulous blueprints and photorealistic renderings lay the foundation for us to materialize your vision.

Rendering of Metairie Heights Addition Project
Completed Metairie Heights Home Addition Project

Detailed Blueprints

The average blueprints from the average architect don’t go much beyond the surface level. Since there is no input from actual builders, an architect’s blueprints typically fail to account for “behind the scenes” details such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.

Once your project gets to the construction phase, this becomes a big problem. Neglecting to plan these key elements of your project can cause substantial change orders (cabinet redesigns, fur downs, etc.). You’re forced to make trade-offs that alter your vision… while paying more in the process.

When you choose DMG, this won’t happen. As a design-build firm, our interior designers and construction teams are actually involved in your project’s blueprint-creation process. This allows us to account for absolutely everything on the front end—plumbing, HVAC, and even landscaping—so we can achieve precisely what you envision.

Blueprints, however, aren’t the only component for materializing your imagination. Project renderings are just as critical to bringing your dream project to life.