DMG Design+Build

Let’s Build Your Dream Home.

Our unique Design+Build process ensures a pleasant, low-stress experience whether you’re designing a new home or renovating. When one firm handles your design and build, you get precision budgeting, faster timeframes, total accountability, and a stunning final result.


New Home Construction

Starting At $250K

Residential Renovations

Starting At $100K

Commercial Construction

Starting At $200K

man relaxing in his new custom home

Award-Winning, Magazine-Worthy Results



Forget finding an architect… then an interior designer… then a builder. Every expert you need to achieve your remodeling or new construction vision is right here.


The DMG Process™

Our streamlined process lifts the stress from your shoulders. Each phase of your project flows into the next to ensure you a pleasant experience from start to finish.


Uncompromising Standards

Construction is a big investment of your time, money, and emotions. That’s why we insist on the strictest standards and absolute precision in all we do for you.

New Orleans’ 100% In-House Design+Build

When one firm handles your design and construction, you get faster timeframes, clear communication, total accountability, and a stunning final result.

Our unique 100% in-house approach ensures you an ultra-smooth experience and high-end results within budget and up to 75% faster. When one firm handles your entire project, chances of unnecessary delays, price ambiguity, finger-pointing, and unpleasant surprises are minimized.

From conception to construction to completion, the buck stops with us. We have the system, process, and people to produce an end result even better than you envisioned.

Photorealistic Renderings Ensure You Get What You Want


Your Dream is What We Deliver

Do you know the biggest reason for disappointing remodeling and home construction results? Poor front-end planning.

The barebones blueprints and simplistic design renderings most companies provide don’t account for key details such as electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. This can lead to change orders during construction that stray from your original vision.

We’re the opposite. We create ultra-detailed blueprints and photorealistic renderings to deliver the final result you dreamed. No unnecessary change orders. No unpleasant surprises. No underwhelming outcomes.

When your construction firm accounts for everything up front, nothing is left to chance.