The DMG Process™

The DMG Process™ is our exclusive, streamlined, award-winning Design-Build approach to construction

DMG Office

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation lays the foundation for your project. Because this initial consultation is so important, we require all decision-makers to be present.


Discuss Your Vision

We want to find out what’s important to you regarding the design. We listen and learn so we can determine the best approach to the design plans.


Set a Target Budget

Having open communication about your budget will ensure the building materials, finishes, and specifications are in line with what you are able and willing to invest.


Schedule Project Development Meeting

We will take the information gleaned at this meeting and create a Project Development Plan. A meeting to discuss your plan will be scheduled at this time.

Project Development

After the first consultation, we create a private webpage for your job on our Client Portal. You can log in to the Client Portal at any time to view in-depth details about your project and monitor the status of your project at any time.
Our designers and builders coordinate to develop a design concept based on the information from the initial consultation. Our finish designer will work with you to choose finishes that support your purpose and are within your budget.
We then create blueprints and photorealistic renderings of your project and review them in detail with you; revisions will be made based on your input and feedback, then we will present you with a final plan for the concept.
Based on the final plans, we’ll create a detailed Construction Agreement that includes the following:

  • Detailed scope of work
  • Finish Schedule
  • Project plans, if required
  • Total project cost and payment schedule
  • Anticipated project timeline

Project Planning

We apply for the appropriate permits and create a detailed project schedule. During this phase, we also hold an on-site preconstruction meeting with you. This is the final project review prior to construction.

DMG Construction Worker Installing a Window on a new home


Now it’s time for you to kick back, relax, and let our professionals start turning your vision into reality. You’ll quickly see how all planning and coordination we did on the front end pays off.
As a company with uncompromising standards, we are dedicated to clear communication, quality craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail. If an issue arises at any point, we discuss it with you and provide the proper solution.
Through our Client Portal, you’ll be able to monitor our daily progress, view job photos as the project progresses, and see exactly what we did on any given day. At DMG, transparency is our calling card.
As construction progresses, we will address anything that needs attention as it arises. As the project nears completion, we will schedule a walk-through with you, and compile a punch-list, if necessary, to identify any items that need to be completed. We will also ensure that all required final building inspections are completed.


After reviewing any final payments that are due, we will execute a final site clean and present you with your completed project. Your complete satisfaction with your project is what commits us each day to building better!