Air sealing and Insulation are related upgrades that work together to control how heat and air travel through your home. Without the proper insulation, your home is susceptible to high energy bills, moisture (especially here in southern Louisiana), and sound penetration. Each area of the home may require a specific type of insulation based on the region you live in. 

What Exactly are Air Sealing and Insulation? 

Air sealing and insulation go hand-in-hand, but it is also important to know their independent function. 


Insulation slows heat flow through materials such as walls, floors, and roofs. Types of insulation include cellulose, fiberglass batting, and spray foam. Whether you are remodeling or just replacing insulation, it’s a great opportunity to replace old and obsolete insulation materials with new ones. 

Air Sealing 

Air sealing closes holes and cracks, which let hot and cold air travel freely into and out of your home. Reducing the amount of air leaking in and out of your home is a cost-effective way to cut heating and cooling costs, improve durability, increase comfort, and create a healthier indoor environment. Proper application of caulking and weatherstripping are two simple examples of air sealing techniques. A lack of air sealing can contribute to moisture problems that can affect the structure’s durability. 


Having your home insulated and air sealed properly by a professional can provide benefits year-round. Such valuable benefits include: 

  • More stable indoor temperatures 
  • Lower heating and cooling costs 
  • Increase home energy efficiency 
  • Soundproofing for peace and quiet 

To maximize these benefits, air sealing and insulation should be completed together. If you were to insulate without air sealing, you risk letting hot air leak in, passing directly through to your home and living areas. Air sealing will help stop hot air in its tracks, but without insulation, heat will continue to transfer through building materials and enter your home. 


Most people consider insulation and air sealing as “DIY” projects, but these improvements are best carried out by an experienced team. DMG Design+Build has a network of experienced professionals that understand building science and have the knowledge to find hidden air leakage pathways. Between their knowledge and our oversight, DMG Design+Build is Building Better. If you’re ready to make your home more energy efficient, contact our team today.

Justin is a vital member of the DMG Design+Build Team. His passion for architecture and design is exemplified in every project. Justin works closely with homeowners and our tradesmen throughout The DMG Process, ensuring that each project is built according to plan.