Is it too early to start thinking about 2023 design predictions? Never! We like to stay well ahead of the curve. 2022 has brought many of us a different appreciation and perspective for the role our homes play in our day-to-day lives. Our homes have become our refuge from all the global uncertainty. With the unpredictability of 2021 behind us, we can take a closer look at what styles are said to become the design showstoppers this year. To help you achieve a fresh look for the new year, we’ve compiled some interior design trends we predict will be buzz-worthy in 2023. 

The Darker The Better 

Since the early 2000s, white accents have been the way to go when designing a contemporary kitchen and even more recently, kitchens have been designed with nothing but white in mind. From cabinets and countertops to appliances and accessories, people have been more inclined to choose lighter tones. Well in 2022, the longtime classic white-out comes to an end. Today we welcome a fresh color to the block, BLACK. 

Don’t be afraid to allow black in your space! It’s a neutral and versatile color and helps bring visual interest to your home that may have not previously been there. However, I do understand that going from all-white to black can be overwhelming for some. Doing black lower cabinets with a lighter color for the uppers can be a great way to introduce the dark scheme into your space. You could also incorporate dark wood-stained cabinets to ease the transition. No matter how you do it, I predict the darker the better will be the top of the list for 2023 design predictions. 

Linear Fireplaces 

A fireplace is an increasingly sought-after element in residential homes and in 2023, you’ll see the modern linear design more often. It will not only add value to your home but also create a cozy environment for you and your guests. The subtle and clean design makes this accent a stunning centerpiece for any room. With open floor plans becoming more common, designers are turning to corner and multi-sided fireplaces to help aesthetically integrate separation into a larger room. Being able to enjoy the fire from multiple angles is an added benefit. When giving your fireplace a facelift, keep those tips in mind. 

Earth Tones 

Greys have ruled in the design world for the past decade but the demand for warmer colors is here. Because of all the unrest and turmoil this past year, 2023 will be all about creating soothing spaces. Homeowners are craving some quality time with the great outdoors after being cooped up and bringing earth tones into the home will be a way they can accomplish this. Warm neutrals and rich russets are going to be a leading color trend this year. These colors include burnt rusts, warm greens, deep red, and chocolate browns, all of which provide welcoming comfort. You can infuse these tones via wall color furniture elements, or accent pieces. This will be an easy way to get your home on trend in 2023. 

Outdoor Living 

Private outdoor spaces have become not only desirable but a necessity going into the new year. Whether a homeowner wants a couch for lounging, an elaborate outdoor kitchen for entertaining, or a pool for cooling down, a standard backyard does not cut it anymore. Updating your outdoor living space can be just what you need to entertain during a pandemic. Even adding a pergola with accent lighting can help bring the party outside. Renovating your outdoor space may be the missing piece to your 2023. 

Bringing our 2023 Design Predictions Home

All the chaos of 2022 has made life unpredictable. This has made homeowners think about their home critically and what they could do to make it a more functional and comfortable space while also staying up to date on the latest designs and trends. We put together our top 2023 design predictions so that you didn’t have to. So remember, the darker the better, earth tones are your friend, linear fireplaces are a must, and outdoor living is the way to go! Contact our team to update your home for 2023 or learn more about Our Process.