It isn’t easy being one of the smallest rooms in the house, yet the room that gets visited most amongst your guests. Your powder room can play a significant role in creating an unforgettable experience. This tiny space has the potential to create a grand statement that your powder room is everything but ordinary. Try viewing it as a hidden treasure waiting to be shown off and gossiped about amongst your friends and family. 

Designing a small space can be challenging, but it also creates the perfect opportunity to show off your personality. It can be overwhelming for homeowners to design a house based on their unique style, but you cannot go wrong with popping off your individuality within a small space. Don’t be afraid to be bold. 

One of the secrets to creating an impact on your guests is to address what they will see at first glance. Will your style statement encompass bold colors, quirky wallpaper, adventurous stone, or fearless light fixtures? The idea that small spaces should have softer, light colors should be thrown out the window when talking about powder rooms. That rule doesn’t apply here because we’re not trying to make the room seem larger than it is or create the illusion of more space. Embrace the compact size of the space and use it to make an impression. Channel your favorite color, whether it’s a deep navy, bright yellow, or muted green. Your powder room is screaming for your top color choice to be applied to the ceiling, walls, or vanity – let this be your wow factor! 

Paint is not your only option! Breathe life and personality into your design with the exclusive textures and patterns of wallpaper. A powder room’s footprint is limited, so this is a fabulous opportunity to splurge on your dream wallpaper for a fraction of the cost it would take to cover a dining room or bedroom. Like wallpaper, top-quality tile can cost thousands of dollars to incorporate into a larger space, but in a powder room, you can get away with spending a fraction of the price.

The same principle applies to your fixtures as well; your budget for things like mirrors and vanities will go further because they don’t have to be as large. A gorgeous mirror is a perfect way to break up the wallpaper and create more light. Mirrors that extend to the ceiling are ideal for elongating your small room. If you’ve ever swooned over a striking statement sink, this could be your chance to have one in your home. In a powder room, you’re free from practical considerations like counter space or storage so take the opportunity to prioritize style. The right sink can turn washing your hands into a luxury experience.

Don’t be afraid to show off your big personality within your small powder room while creating a show-stopping design moment. If you’re ready to transform your existing powder room design or build your dream bathroom, contact our team for a consultation.