Preserving Historic Districts in New Orleans

Architecture is a big part of what makes New Orleans unique. Examples of such architecture can be seen throughout the area and it is the job of the Historic District Landmarks Commission, commonly referred to as the HDLC, to preserve this part of our culture.

The most common question asked by clients who live in areas regulated by the HDLC is “Do you have experience dealing with the HDLC?” While I understand the HDLC is perceived to be difficult to deal with, it should not overshadow the right questions so often overlooked by these residents. Lets face it, renovating a historic home can be a substantial investment. Such an investment should not only provide the client with a finished product they love but the experience should be enjoyable as well.

The role of the HDLC is to preserve our historic districts which reflect elements of its cultural, social, economic, political and architectural history. They preserve and enhance the quality of neighborhoods, strengthening the City’s economic base, stimulating the tourist industry improving property values, fostering economic development, and encouraging growth. The HDLC webpage is full of helpful information detailing the application process, design guidelines, contact information and more.

Construction Planning Experts

Planning is the key to success on any construction project. Planning takes time. Whether you are renovating a home or building new construction in the HDLC, consider that such a project will take time to plan and extra time to permit. Setting these realistic expectations will help avoid negative emotions and allow you to enjoy the construction process.

For help planning your renovation or new construction project in the HDLC contact DMG Design+Build today.

New Orleans Historic District Map