When looking for a place to work as a young talent, it is essential to look at some characteristics that make a company a suitable place to thrive. Great leadership, enviable company culture, talent growth potential, diversity, and remuneration are the marks of the best company to work in. 

With a growing talent population, DMG Design+Build continues to be one of the best places to work. Founded by Ryan McCroskey in 2013, It has gone ahead to establish itself as an industry leader in the design and building space. The company features a team of blueprint designers, finish designers, project managers, and builders that work synergistically to remodel or build new homes from start to finish. The Design-Build model helps the clients avoid delays, cut costs and maximize communication as a single firm handles all the projects.

The great company culture, values, leadership, vision, and mission make DMG one of the best places for talents to thrive and enjoy a rich working environment.


The culture at the company is a great and rich one that takes in a family approach. Every member of the team is valued, cared for, and treated with much respect. The atmosphere enables growth and flexibility particularly for talents who are looking for a place to develop without the toxic demands of perfection. Firmly bound to DMG’s culture is the enviable teamwork that continues to strengthen the drive towards excellence. The company adds to one’s experience and helps members develop values that are invaluable in the global community.

DMG has an amazing fun culture that prioritizes the relaxation and bonding of members. Whether it’s participating in a culinary class or sharing a holiday tradition of conversations and quality time with friends and family, DMG is a place to be. 

Every member of the team is valued and DMG runs a Team Member Spotlight to showcase talent and appreciate their commitment to the team. Members have room to thrive with many winning individual awards in the industry.

Values and Process

The core values championed at DMG include Honesty, Accountability, Teamwork, Excellence, and deep respect for every member of the team. These values are bounded closely to the processes they undertake to deliver great services to customers locally and nationally. 

Communication is an essential value here and it sets DMG apart from other companies. Beginning with a consultation to the completion of the project, the clients are carried through the process helping them have their desired result and a sense of fulfillment.

DMG Build + Design is made up of a staff of qualified professionals who works synergistically to ensure the success of every project undertaken. The family culture makes work easy and adds to the commitment directed to every project as no member of the team feels left out. 

The value of excellence borne out of passion helps the team push the boundaries to get the work done and continue in a path of accelerated growth.

The foundation of the company is built on trust, honesty, and accountability ensuring customers get value for their money’s worth. Customer feedback continues to highlight satisfaction from the approach of staff to the final project completion. 

The successful process follows an initial consultation, project development, construction agreement, project planning, construction to the completion of the project.


The company was founded 8 years ago by Ryan McCroskey who has driven it with a great focus that has yielded tremendous results. Ryan founded DMG with a client-centric emphasis and he continues to attribute the success of the company to this wonderful approach. 

As he describes it “We understand our customer’s vision, their needs, and value their time.”

Under his leadership, the team has won numerous awards including categories in the Home Builder Association of Greater New Orleans awards, Remodelers Top 550, Best Kitchen remodeler for General Contractor Magazine, an Inc 5000 company, and two Chrysalis awards. 

Ryan himself has been recognized as a PRO Remodelers 40 Under 40.

Vision and Mission

DMG Designs+Build carries at its core the mission to align quality customer service to a fruitful build and design process. This takes in the view of a client-centered work ethic. The mission incorporates DMG’s core values of accountability, communication, and teamwork into ensuring a client-oriented approach to home remodeling and building.

The vision takes in the prospective client’s vision of their need and the proper deploying of DMG’s rich resources to give the best quality service in the industry.