Client Portal

Know every Detail Of Your Project As It Progresses

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Our client portal lets you see daily updates, progress photos, and all your job details.

One of the biggest frustrations you face with large-scale remodeling and new construction? Having no idea what’s going on. Construction projects have a lot of moving parts and behind-the-scenes activity. Unfortunately, most companies don’t think to (or just plain refuse to) keep you updated as your project progresses. This lack of transparency can cause you serious stress.

At DMG we keep you in the loop at all times using our state-of-the-art Client Portal.

Everything you want to know, when you want to know it.

Need detailed notes of what was discussed during a specific design meeting? Curious to know precisely what construction work was done on any given day? Want to review your project timeline to track the overall progress of the job? Our client portal provides you with that information and much more.

We’re a General Contractor that believes in total transparency. After all, remodeling and new construction are big investments. At DMG, you’ll never wonder where your project stands. You’ll never feel left out of the loop.

At DMG Design+Build, we’ve got nothing to hide. In fact, we encourage you to check your Client Portal as much as your time allows.

You’ll always know where your project stands.