Part of the ideal home for many means being able to live the rest of your life in that home. DMG Design+Build understands. Consulting with clients on how to renovate or build a forever dream home means thinking about aging in place. This option empowers the homeowner to have an opportunity to stay at home and not have to consider moving to a nursing facility.

Some things to consider when renovating or building with aging in place in mind.

  1. Bathroom

Having easy to reach shower fixtures and a shower seat are some key features that the DMG design team would incorporate into your bathroom. Along with the height of the toilet and the sink, non-slip flooring and good lighting are options that make your home a forever home.

DMG Design+Build team works with you and your family for your renovation or new build.

2. Lighting

Putting light switches at a height that anyone can control and lighting up areas that may not typically have good lighting will also help keep you safe as you age in your home.

3. Wider doorways and hallways

There may be times when mobility is an issue as we age and having open hallways and wider doorways is the solution to move around your home safely. DMG’s design team will work with you to design the optimal size and flow of the hallways.

4. Flooring

One of the keys to a lifetime home is flooring. Area rugs can be a real tripping hazard and uneven flooring is also a big concern. Non-slip floors and limiting any unnecessary steps is a way to ensure that getting around won’t be a fall or trip hazard.

5. Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the central areas of your home. This is where families gather for holiday celebrations and events. Keeping this in mind when designing a safe and welcoming environment is a priority for your DMG Design+Build team. With shelves and cabinets accessible along with countertop height considerations and even details like lever-handled faucets, you can count on the DMG team to carefully select these options for you.

6. Open floor design

An open floor plan allows for easy access from living to dining areas. With a new build, keeping everything on one floor is a good option along with adding elevators or chair lifts for a remodel or renovation of a home that has a staircase.

DMG Design+Build will work with you on your lifetime home, ensuring that your dream of staying in your home as you age is possible. We include the details that can increase your comfort and enhance your life in your dream home, forever.

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