Things to Remember When Building a Home

Building a custom home is an exciting and rewarding experience. From the luxury kitchen you’ve always wanted to the master closet of your dreams, customizing every detail to match your individual tastes and budget is part of what makes the home building process so fun. However, you also need to be sure you’ve done your homework prior to starting this process to ensure you get the most from your building experience.

Check Your Builder

When you begin your search for the perfect custom home contractor in your area, you’ll likely be met with an overwhelming number of businesses vying for your favor. It’s vital you know what to look for in a contractor to distinguish between the reputable homebuilders and potentially unreliable and ill-equipped general contractors.

More often than not, contractors and homebuilders receive new clients via word-of-mouth. This makes your friends, coworkers and local family members invaluable resources when searching for a great builder.

Check a potential builder’s reputation online and during in-person interviews to determine if they’re right for you. The adage “You get what you pay for,” is especially true in regards to homebuilders. A homebuilder who quotes you a price significantly lower than other competing bids may be saving money by cutting corners on essential costs. There is a notorious segment of contractors who forgo workers’ compensation insurance, perform work with subpar materials and hire poorly trained contract workers who lack the experience to perform high-quality, detail-oriented work.

Do your due diligence before committing. Make sure any contractor you consider is licensed, insured and utilizes in-house or highly experienced contracted specialists with years of experience under their belts. Also make sure they have a physical address in the area, as lacking one is a telltale indicator of a potential fly-by-night contractor.

Ask the homebuilders you interview about their memberships and certifications. A truly experienced homebuilder who emphasizes quality and reliability will be an active participant in relevant industry organizations and associations. These professional groups boast rigorous entry standards and won’t accept just any handyman or general contractor among their ranks.

Think of the Resale

If you’re currently brainstorming ideas, features and design aesthetics for your new custom home, you likely aren’t actively thinking about resale value. The reality is most homeowners, even those who designed and custom built the home of their dreams, move out eventually. Being cognizant during the planning stages of features or designs that will appeal to future homebuyers can help ensure your new home is a true investment that will appreciate in value over the years. Consider maximizing your new home’s square footage, opening the floor plan and installing attractive, timeless finishes that will prevent your home from becoming dated.

Fall in Love with a New Home from Design Management Group

Our experienced homebuilders at Design Management Group understand and appreciate the responsibility with which we are entrusted by every client. We emphasize honesty, accountability and transparency and demonstrate this commitment by maintaining exceptional communication and detailed planning at every step of the homebuilding process.

We stand by our work, and would be proud to show you several examples of our past homebuilding results, as well as references, so you can learn firsthand how we operate. We are also a member of several industry groups, including the Louisiana Home Builders Association, Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans, Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors, New Orleans Council for Advanced Building Practices and the National Association of Homebuilders.

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