Smell That? Barbecue Weather Is Approaching!

Outdoor Kitchen

Summer is rapidly approaching, and as winter gives way to spring, barbecue enthusiasts are already sharpening their knives and cleaning their tongs. Before you slap a slab of steak on the grill, now is the perfect time to consider updating your patio just in time for summer. Even if you’re not a grilling enthusiast, turning your patio into an outdoor kitchen can revitalize your home and boost its value.

Reasons to Turn Your Patio Into an Outdoor Kitchen

  • It adds value to your home – Outdoor kitchens boast a huge return on investment, especially if they’re constructed with quality materials and fine craftsmanship. Potential homebuyers will view your kitchen as an added incentive to buy, which will increase the price of your home and may sway future buyers to make an offer on your home instead of a comparable one that doesn’t have the added bonus of a comprehensive and functional outdoor dining set up.
  • Cooking will be easier – When hosting an outdoor party, the last thing you need is people walking in and out of the house to use kitchen appliances and features. Bringing the kitchen to the patio reduces foot traffic and makes it easier to host outdoor parties as kitchen amenities are within arm’s reach. Installing appliances like refrigerators, sinks and ovens keeps the party centered outside and eases cooking and hosting duties. Also, cooking outside eliminates odors that would otherwise linger inside your home, which means you can keep the fishy smell outside the next time you want to make delicious seafood.
  • Grilled food is generally healthier – Grilling eliminates most of the grease and fat from food, which makes for a leaner meal. High heat from grilling also helps food retain moisture and prevents seasonings from drying out too quickly, ensuring savory flavors are preserved and enhanced.
  • It’s a great entertainment piece – A well-constructed outdoor kitchen can turn into your home’s entertainment hotspot, whether you’re entertaining a small retinue of guests or hosting a full-fledged party. A combined grill and breakfast bar or dining table setup makes socializing with guests easier and relieves some of the hosting duties, ensuring you can keep a close eye on the food while still enjoying stimulating conversation and a stiff drink with friends and colleagues.

Construct Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen With Design Management Group

Building your own outdoor kitchen to your exact specifications and vision is a stress-free proposition with Design Management Group’s design and build services. Our design team collaborates with our clients and uses their expertise to construct 3D blueprints for residential and commercial projects, from outdoor kitchen renovations to bathroom remodels. Clients are treated as partners in the design process and have sole authority to escalate a design from the planning sessions to the construction phase.

DMG contractors are fully licensed and insured in home construction, ensuring your project is executed according to industry standards by qualified professionals who are adequately covered should anything go wrong. Your project will be completed within budget and to your exact specifications.

Our design and construction services are available 24/7 whenever our clients need us. Contact Design Management Group today to schedule a consultation with one of our designers.