Pass on the Granite

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, there’s nothing more exciting than updating your countertops to a new beautiful material. There are dozens of materials to choose from in addition to the ever popular but pricey granite. Though granite countertops are reliable, they’re also commonplace and don’t represent a particularly unique choice as a luxury kitchen feature.

Make a statement and set your kitchen apart from everyone else’s with different countertop materials that are just as effective and appealing as granite.

Showstopping Counter Materials

  • Engineered Stone (Quartz) – Engineered stone countertops are made by mixing flakes of quartz with binder and then molding that mixture into shape – this is essentially crushed stone combined with glue which is then baked under extreme heat. These counters look like marble but without the fussy maintenance marble requires. Although engineered stone can be expensive, its durable and reliable nature makes it a worthwhile investment.


  • Stainless Steel – One of the easiest surfaces to clean, stainless steel can also work well in kitchens with an industrial-modern feel. Although it can cost more than some other options, stainless steel looks stunning, especially if you have stainless steel appliances you can pair it with.


  • Ceramic Counter Tiles – Ceramic counter tiles are generally applied over existing plastic laminate to create beautiful designs. The tiles come in a variety of assorted colors and require relatively minimal maintenance. Ensure you’re installing countertop ceramic tiles, as they differ in composition and purpose from ceramic wall tiles.


  • Wood – Although wood fell out of favor due to misconceptions regarding the material, it’s still a worthy countertop material. Studies from microbiologists revealed wood is safer than plastic when it comes to germs – nearly 99.9 percent of bacteria introduced to the surface of wooden countertops die within three minutes. Wooden counters are generally made from sturdy and dense rock maple. Wood is a beautiful material but requires routine upkeep to prevent it from warping and cracking. Glossy mineral oil finishes bring out the natural beauty of wood, but can be inconvenient to deal with as the material requires a fresh coat every four to six weeks to keep its shape and shine.

Custom Design Your Countertops with Design Management Group

Have a distinct vision for your countertops? You can bring it to life with the help of Design Management Group’s design and construction firm! Our in-house team combines their expertise with your vision to create a design with blueprints and 3D renderings.

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