Family Friendly Luxury in an Elegant Home Theatre Room

Cuddling up to watch your favorite movie is a great way to come together as a family. Enjoying your favorite tv shows and movies in your own home theatre room is a step above.

Home Theatre Room New Orleans | DMG

The owners of this charming New Orleans home wanted to enjoy their screen time in a space that is anything but ordinary. They hired Design Management Group to design and build an elegant and traditional home theatre room where they can entertain friends and family. The deluxe New Orleans home theatre room features a blend of supple leather, golden oak millwork, and beautiful plush carpeting, giving the space a luxurious and warm feeling. High tech theatre chairs with cup holders and electric controls provide endless comfort for movie marathons. The focal point of the movie room, a massive screen and projector, creates an incredible picture, and the state of the art speakers, tuned perfectly for the space, give the listener an audio quality that rivals the way the director heard it in the recording studio. Even with all the comforts, this high tech home theatre has a vibe that is guaranteed to grab the attention of any guest. The finished product is a room that’s clean, sleek and sure to impress.

New Orleans Home Theatre Room Q&A

We interviewed Ryan McCroskey, general contractor and owner of Design Management Group. DMG designed, built, and installed this New Orleans home theatre and gave us insight into the process.

Q: Your company name implies that you’re Design + Build firm. How did you end up doing a home theater?
A: Many of our clients have come to know DMG as a leader in innovation and design because of the attention to detail that goes into every project we do. Even though we are not a theater specialist, this client relied on us for both our vision as designers and our technical ability.

Q: Tell me a little about what the homeowner had in mind for the theatre’s look.
A: Actually, the client gave us a color palette and said “make it happen,” so we had a lot of fun with the design process of this movie room. We knew he was passionate about music, older movies and sports,and was more interested in a comfortable retreat rather than the details of the project. The owners wanted to leave a lot of blank wall space in order to not distract from the “main attractions” on the huge movie screen, so we focused on beautiful textures and fabrics instead.

Home Theatre Design & Build NOLA | DMG

Q: So how did you get from a color palette to a final product?
A:  It was a long journey that began with an introduction to a movie and music buff who owns a local theatre. His guidance was invaluable. Next, we hired professionals in the areas of soundproofing and acoustic design to join our team. Finally, audio and video professionals were brought in to make sure the theatre experience was state of the art and top quality.

It’s essential to have a designer and a project manager on site to ensure all the trades work together in a timely manner. It’s equally important that every design detail is completely thought through and discussed with the designer and homeowner prior to construction.

Q: This home theater room appears to be a pretty tight space. How big is it?
A: The size of the movie room is approximately 300 square feet, so it’s small. It’s located in what used to be a guest bedroom. At DMG, we pride ourselves in optimizing your existing space to give you exactly what you need.

Custom Home Theatre Room NOLA | DMG

Q: The carpet really ties the room together. How did you make this choice?
A: We knew we needed something luxurious and elegant. This was our first choice actually but it was a backordered product and we couldn’t get a confirmation on when it would be available. After looking at literally hundreds of options, we ended up back at this one so we contacted the manufacturer again and was eventually able to get a manufacture date that we could live with.

Q: The light-colored woodworking has a nice golden sheen. What kind of wood did you use here?
A: The wood we used in this home theater is oak. The rest of the home has heavier millwork, but we wanted a more simplistic feel here, so we used a small profile base and crown with a distinct grain and golden hue.

Q: When you take a step back from this home theater room, what really stands out to you?
A: This space is all about giving the homeowners a room where they can relax, escape from reality, and forget the stresses of everyday life. We worked hard to choose colors and textures that give the home theater an inviting and relaxing feel, and envelop you with warmth. Basically when you sit down in this space, you feel good, and that’s what it’s all about.

Design Management Group is a New Orleans general contractor that specialized in residential construction and home renovations in Metairie and New Orleans. For more information, or to get an estimate on your New Orleans home theatre project, call (504) 275-6664 or email us here.