Increasing the Monetary and Aesthetic Value of Your Kitchen

Renovating your home is often a worthwhile investment for two important reasons. You get to benefit from new features and appliances and you increase your home’s value and your equity in it. However, not every new addition yields bountiful returns. In fact, there can be significant differences in the appreciable impact of home improvement in regards to your home’s valuation.

Technology is advancing faster than ever, with even the newest appliances being quickly usurped by better models that debut on the market just a year later. If you choose to install one of these ever-evolving appliances, you will almost surely see a diminished return on your investment. Thus, a key element to updating your home is choosing appliances and features with tried-and-true longevity.

Here are some valuable updates that won’t just be useful to you, but to future homeowners interested in purchasing your home.

Kitchen Updates That Add Value to Your Home

  • Neutral Color Paint Jobs – While eggshell white, tan and gray aren’t the most exciting colors to add to your space, they are a safe bet when trying to please homebuyers. Modern tastes are ever-changing, but neutrals have outlasted all the fads. Paint your kitchen walls with neutral tones to create a sense of balance and appeal to the largest number of buyers.


  • Energy-Efficient Windows – Consider passing on opulent lighting fixtures and instead illuminate your home with free, beautiful natural light. Installing energy-efficient windows has the potential to significantly lower your heating and cooling costs thanks to the improved insulation value of modern windows, which will garner the attention of future homebuyers as they budget for monthly utilities and home upkeep costs. Double-pane windows are generally more energy efficient than single-pane windows.


  • Farmhouse Sink – Farmhouse sinks are versatile and can handle any tough kitchen situation, from cleaning large pans by hand to minimizing water spray. Don’t let the rural-sounding name fool you, though – farmhouse sinks are a must-have in any modern kitchen, whether you’re in the city or out in the country.


  • Kitchen Island – An island is a worthwhile investment for kitchens that have the space to accommodate one. Have a professional take an accurate measurement of your kitchen’s dimensions before considering an installation, as islands are bulky and must fit seamlessly into your kitchen’s design. Consider how you plan on using it and whether it would make the space more cumbersome to navigate around. A well-placed island can add incredible value to your home, but a misplaced island can deter homebuyers. Make the most of your island by including shelves or cabinets to create additional storage space you may be lacking elsewhere in your kitchen. Islands can also double as dining space with the addition of stools, so even if you’re losing some floor space you may not have to sacrifice seating.

Custom Design Your Home for Upgrades with Design Management Group

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