A Difficult Home Pitch

How to Sell a Home Fast

Selling your home isn’t easy, especially in a saturated housing market. Help your home stand out amongst the rest with these tips and, before you know it, buyers will be lining up to snatch your beautiful home!

How to Sell Your Home Quickly

  • Scale your price according to market value – Nothing drives away home buyers and real estate agents faster than high home prices. It’s crucial to get the price of your home right when you put it on the market, as the first 30 days will be the most active time of the home’s listing. To determine current market value, have your home appraised shortly before posting your listing. A realistic price will attract buyers with budgets in your home’s selling range and ensure a faster selling process.


  • Match your curb appeal to your listing price – Your home may be valuable, but it might not appear that way to buyers if your front yard is dilapidated or messy. Improve your curb value by cleaning up leaves, pruning bushes and branches, adding new sod, planting fresh flowers and adding a new coat of paint. Hire landscapers to clean up your lawn, or do it all yourself if you have a green thumb. A good first impression can immediately endear buyers to your home, making the final selling pitch much easier.


  • Stage rooms to show how they’re supposed to be used – You may have a favorite furniture configuration for your living room, but if you’re showing it to real estate agents or home buyers, it needs to be universally appealing. Using an office as a storage room? Convert it back to its original purpose to give buyers a better sense of the room’s purpose and make it buyer ready.


  • Be flexible with show times – Selling your home can be an exhausting process, but increasing your availability only serves to help you sell your home faster. Open your availability to increase the potential for more buyers to see your house, especially during the first 30 days of your listing. After the first 30 days, you can modify your availability, but it’s still recommended to be flexible – potential buyers will appreciate it.


  • Make sure your listing has a strong online presence – With the advent of the digital age, more people than ever are searching for or buying homes online. Your listing needs to be in front of as many eyes as possible. List your home on reputable home listing sites first and then consider posting your listing to your personal social media or in social media groups. Use your best pictures to show off your home by making sure areas are adequately lit when you take photos. Don’t go crazy with Photoshop. Home buyers are savvy enough to identify a photo that is heavily touched up and will appreciate photos that show the natural state of your home. Adding more natural light when taking photos will create the “glossy” effect you’re striving for.

Update Your Home with Irresistible Features Buyers Will Love with Design Management Group

One feature home buyers find irresistible is fresh new furnishings and appliances. Improve your home-selling prospects by updating your home’s features with Design Management Group’s design and build construction services in Louisiana.

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