Designing the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Designing Your Dream Kitchen | Design Management GroupYour kitchen is the core of your home. From parties to family dinners, the kitchen fosters relationships and provides added resale value should you choose to sell. However, when remodeling your kitchen, the sheer number of options and decisions can feel overwhelming. Make the entire renovation experience easier and more fun by considering your kitchen’s function and addressing your family’s unique culinary needs.


Countertops are the showstoppers of any kitchen. They’re the first thing you notice when you walk in the room, and they receive the most use. That’s why the function and aesthetic of your kitchen is so important to consider when deciding which counter material is right for you.

Often, homeowners commit to unique countertops simply because they’re trendy. Trends fade with time, and if the counter doesn’t suit your needs, you may be in for another pricey replacement down the line. Consider what you desire and need from your countertops first, and then think about the appearance.

  • Granite is a common material installed in gorgeous gourmet kitchens. Although this material is more high maintenance, requiring regular sealing, it’s easy to clean, fairly durable and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Marble is a baker’s dream counter. As another high maintenance material, you’ll need to seal it every six months and minimize its exposure to acids and deeply colored ingredients to prevent etching and staining. However, marble is timeless and tasteful, making it the dream material for many a cook.
  • Butcher Block is affordable and functional but may require some oiling. This material eliminates the need for a cutting board, but it’s not recommended for use around sinks or other wet areas due to the potential for rot.
  • Stainless Steel may appear colder, but many homeowners are drawn to this industrial style. Stainless steel is easy to clean, doesn’t require much upkeep and is fairly resistant to scratching. Frequent, gentle cleaning is recommended to maintain its signature shine.


The key to designing a gourmet kitchen that is both functional and fashionable are effective, reliable appliances. Depending on your cooking or baking habits, you may prefer a particular variety of appliance. For example, bakers may like electric convection ovens, while cooks may prefer gas ranges. No matter how you organize your stove and oven, gourmet kitchens should always include a range hood and sizeable refrigerator. Chefs need plenty of chilling space, so install a sizeable fridge for optimal functionality. All of these professional-grade appliances are available in numerous designs, materials and finishes, including stainless steel and copper.


Gourmet kitchens need the space to accommodate every kitchen utensil and spice the chef may require. No cook wants to disrupt their groove by climbing step stools and tiptoeing to reach a faraway cabinet. When redesigning your kitchen, ensure all cabinets are within reach and easily accessible. Make use of wasted space you may find next to appliances, under islands or even on the walls or ceilings. Convenient storage solutions will be in keeping with the flow of the room, making it even easier to find what you need fast. Cabinetry is available in dozens of materials, each sporting numerous styles, colors and finishes. Working with a home remodeling designer may be helpful, as they can show you quality material options that match the aesthetic you seek.

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