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It has been a rarity to find a General Contractor who has the right measure of sensitivity to design to manifest a residential project, while running it with the precision of a commercial one. DMG fits that ideal prototype just right. I was impressed by the level of thorough review of drawings and site conditions, collaborative demeanor when resolving a design inconsistency and general professionalism in all aspects of their presentation. Through all of my years practicing in this field, I have come across very few General Contracting companies who have impressed me on all fronts right off the bat. I would recommend DMG as a potential General Contractor without hesitation. If you are in the market for a builder who is seasoned enough to exact their craft, but young enough to never rest on their laurels – DMG is the firm for you.

Patrick Melancon
Melancon Ortega Designs

DMG understood from the very beginning how important it was for us to stay a part of the community, and fit in with the community around us. DMG not only understood this, they maintained the integrity of this vision throughout the project. It was very important to us that DMG had the same attention to detail that we have as prior service members, and DMG met this expectation 100%.

Doug Thomas
VFW Commander Post 8973

Our vision became DMG's vision and it was incredible. That takes a lot of communication for that to happen. It takes a lot of coordination and time. DMG really invested themselves in understanding what we wanted and making it come to life.

Kirk Williamson
New Orleans, LA

Design Management Group was easy to work with and they listened to what we said. When they needed to make changes, it was taking into consideration the things that we wanted done and looking at the way we lived our lives, the kind of things that we did, and the way we function. Now the house is definitely more user friendly for us than before DMG got involved with the project. Everybody is really impressed with everything because it all has such a nice flow.

Rochelle Effron
Metairie, LA

The website set up by Design Management Group was very helpful in keeping up with what was going on. The pictures, the schedule - it was all very important to us because we were able to track where we were in the project. Our communication with DMG was the most important part of this whole project because of the fact that we knew where we were with each step.

Nick Tzerefos
Metairie, LA

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