Create a Comfortable Spa Bathroom

While having the comfort and relaxation of a spa right in your home may seem like a pipe dream, affordable new products, appliances and materials have made it possible for homeowners to create their very own at-home spa. Here are some excellent spa-inspired bathroom ideas both you and potential homebuyers will enjoy.

Spa-Inspired Bathroom Ideas

  • Walk-In Showers – No spa-style bathroom is complete without one. This practical and stylish investment is sure to get daily use. If you really want to up the opulence, add body jets and rain-style showerheads.
  • Mood Lighting and Music – Setting the lighting just right and adding some soothing music can help you end long, trying days on a relaxing note. For extra luxury, install Bluetooth-compatible speakers in the ceiling. More affordable options include simple wall-mounted, waterproof speakers with Bluetooth capabilities, like the iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker. Surprisingly affordable smart LED bulbs from companies like HIKENRI and Flux can sync with your smartphone or Alexa and feature easily adjustable settings that let you set your lighting’s brightness and color to fit your mood.
  • Floating Vanities – A floating vanity adds a contemporary touch to your bathroom while also creating a more functional and roomy space. Removing cumbersome cabinet vanities will make your bathroom feel more open. Store toiletry essentials in creative containers like bins or wicker baskets so you can easily access items while adding character to your bathroom.
  • Heated Flooring – Avoid a cold floor after a soothing warm soak with heated flooring. It’s a high-end option, but if you’re looking for a true spa experience, heated flooring is an essential, especially if you live in a frigid climate. Affordable options like insulated flooring can help retain heat, achieving the same effect. If you’re looking for a more affordable solution you can also shop around for heated floor mats.

Create Your Own Luxurious Home Spa with Design Management Group

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