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Contractor Tips for New Construction Projects | Design Management Group

Home renovation is an exciting process for any homeowner. There are virtually endless possibilities for the look and function of your new space, but this freedom also presents its own set of challenges. That’s where a contractor’s knowledge can come in handy. 

You and your contractor are teammates working toward a shared goal – a beautiful house that will make you happy and display their design and build prowess. Here are some tips contractors have shared so you’ll be closer to accomplishing your goal right from the start.

Before the Project

  • Pick the right contractor for you – Your home is a valuable asset, both monetarily and emotionally. It only makes sense you’d want to entrust it to the best contractor out there. Perform thorough research by vetting and interviewing several contractors. They should be licensed and insured in addition to having an impressive portfolio that matches your style. If anything seems like a red flag, like an unprofessional, vague contract that’s short on details like timelines and costs, search elsewhere.


  • Stick to a specific budget and be transparent – You might get antsy when the budget question comes up, but it’s need-to-know info for home renovation contractors. If you are vague or inflate your budget, your contractor won’t be able to plan properly. You may run into budgeting hiccups down the line and have to rethink the entire schedule, or, in the worst-case scenario, end up stuck with an unfinished project.


  • Get your ducks in a row – Believe it or not, you contribute to your home renovation schedule just as much as your contractor does, if not more. Start the process off smoothly by making a detailed list of wants and needs. Knowing what materials you’d like ahead of time is great but not absolutely necessary. If you have an idea in your head of what you want, an experienced contractor should be able to suggest several materials and design options to help you accomplish your goals. A good contractor familiar with local regulations should also be able to assist with permits. Make sure to discuss permits or whether or not you’ll need them with your contractor before you make a decision. The last thing anyone wants is to get halfway through a project only to realize what they’re doing is against code or HOA regulations.


  • Consider an interior designer – We all love home improvement shows, and they provide some amazingly instructive DIY tips, but sometimes it’s best to defer to an expert. Collaborating with an interior designer ensures any decorative elements match the structural design and layout of your home. General aesthetic may not be a contractor’s forte, so don’t put them in the awkward position of designing both the bones and finishing touches of your home.

During & After the Project

  • Take a break from the remodel space – Your contractor’s workspace is your home, which means it’s easier for them to get the job done efficiently if you aren’t there. You don’t necessarily have to get a hotel or sleep at a friend’s place – although you certainly could – but steer clear of the main remodeling action. This could be as simple as relocating to another section of your house during construction. Your contractor will appreciate the courtesy.


  • Be clear about what you want – A reasonable contractor will never blame you for clarifying your expectations, and it actually saves them the extra hassle of guesswork. That being said, refrain from badgering them or making rude demands out of anxiety about the project. Instead, approach this new situation with tact. Aim to be assertive instead of aggressive and try your best to smile through the stress.


  • Trust your contractor’s opinion – It’s not uncommon for unexpected issues to arise during demolition, which may require an adjustment to your budget or schedule. If your contractor tells you the project will take another week, they are most likely prioritizing your safety and the renovation quality, not ripping you off, especially if you did your homework and found a contractor with a reputation for integrity. Remember: home renovation is your contractor’s bread and butter, and they want you to be satisfied with the results.


  • Share your positive experience with friends and family – A contractor is a professional hoping to build their reputation. Recommending them to friends and family or giving them a shout-out on social media can boost their business and save your loved ones search time. And, if you ever need another renovation, your contractor will remember you favorably and bring that positive attitude to their next job.

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Homeowners face many unknowns during home renovation projects, but your contractor’s ability shouldn’t be one of them. We at Design Management Group want to use our design and build expertise to guide you so you spend less time worrying about quality and more time enjoying your newly renovated home features.

We pride ourselves on our communication skills and won’t shy away from your burning questions – we want you to be as excited about the results as we are! By using our online customer portal, you’ll be able to track your renovation every step of the way. Browse our portfolio, read some of our rave reviews and contact us for more information about home renovation with Design Management Group.