Client Testimonial for Modern Kitchen and Bath Renovation

“Everybody’s really impressed with everything because it all has such a nice flow.”

The Modern Kitchen and Bath Renovation in Metairie is one of our favorite and most popular renovations. DMG was able to get to know the homeowner and contribute ideas to help make their day to day life a little easier. Her friends love the kitchen with LED under-cabinet lights, and so do we.

Find out why this homeowner loves to share her new home renovation with friends and family.

Read the transcript below:

Working with DMG and the communication was very good. They were very easy to work with and they listened to what we said so that when they needed to make changes or things, it was with taking into consideration the things that we wanted done and looking at the way that we lived our ives and the kind of things that we did and the way we functioned so that now the house is definitely more user friendly for us than it was before they got involved with the project. Everybody is really impressed. They love the kitchen. The railing that’s upstairs that matches the artwork on the front door and the fireplace. They were just very impressed with everything. It all has such a nice flow. Ultimately, I think that as we worked with each other and got to know each other a little bit better, DMG took over a lot more of the design, redoing stuff that I would never have picked up on that so they were proactive in taking care of things instead of sending me places and running around town to find different things, they would bring me samples. And you can see from this room, it turned out really really nicely. While they were working, they were very clean. And even though it was a project that created a lot of dust they had plastic sheeting up and fans so that they tried to minimize the amount of dust. And then as we’ve lived here a while and even when we find things that come up, we can always call DMG and know that they’re going to come in and take care stuff that isn’t working out the way it was supposed to.
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