Client Testimonial for Second Story Addition in Metairie

“The results really speak for themselves”

The homeowners of this lovely house in Metairie, Louisiana were growing out of their square footage, but moving out of the neighborhood they love was not an option. DMG provided full Design + Build services to create a New Orleans-style “Camelback” second story addition. The homeowners say “the results speak for themselves.” Read the transcript below:

The overall final product, I love my house. I love the upstairs addition that we did. The high ceilings are great with the big baseboards. The recessed lighting is great, there’s tons of lighting in the house and I love that we did that for the addition. There’s plenty of space, the bathroom came out great. The website was actually very helpful in keeping up with what was going on. The picture and the schedule was really important to us because we were able to track where we were in the project. Hey, how do you like your new house? Good! To me, the communication was the most important part of this whole project because of the fact that we knew where we were with the project with each step. When there was a hold up, we were told normally, not just by the project manager, but by also the owner, Ryan. So with that, it kept us in the know and kind of in the loop of what was going on so we were able to kind of discern when we were able to move back into the house. The price came back and it was very competitive. It was realistic and it was something that we really felt comfortable with. We waited out and said “hey, this is somebody we can trust” because we didn’t trust a lot of other people who came out to look at the job. And we’re happy with the results. The results really speak for themselves. I think the overall project really came out great. I’m very happy with everything and i’m excited to be back in my house.