Client Testimonial for Home Renovation and Master Suite Addition in Metairie

“DMG was more cost effective [than other contractors] and they incorporated what we wanted with a few surprises to give us a home that would benefit us in the long run.”

The new master suite addition allows the homeowners to increase their square footage and stay in the home they love. The suite features a show-stopping master bathroom with custom walk-in shower and large soaker tub. Some highlights of this home renovation include the new chauffeured ceiling in the den and open kitchen with custom cabinets and a wine bar.

The homeowner couldn’t be more pleased with his new home renovation.

Read the transcript below:

Starting with the plan and the design of it, not only were they more cost effective for the plans, they also incorporated what we wanted to do and then added onto it to kind of give us, maybe, things we weren’t even thinking of and added to the design and gave us a cost-effective design that was something that would really benefit us in the long run. So, we went from a 3 bedroom, 2 bath setup to a 4 bedroom 3 bath. And then we also completely renovated the den and the kitchen as well. This was a whole wall going into the kitchen and now it’s all opened up, so it really makes it all airy and open. And they also added, there was no window in the kitchen before, so now we have an extra window to kind of bring in some light. The coffered ceiling obviously is one of the big key notes that people, when they first walk in, that’s the first thing that strikes them. Definitely the master suite and the walk-in shower just compared to what we had before, which was very cramped two small bathrooms. Now we have this very expansive bathroom that we’re very happy with. And we’re very happy with the final product. I think it came out great as far as the looks and stuff like this. We were happy with the design. Everything looks great.

Published on May 3, 2017

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