International Builders Show 2018, A Playground for Industry Leaders

The International Builders Show (IBS) 2018 saw one of the largest turnouts in recent years boasting over 85,000 attendees and Design Management Group was in that number representing the New Orleans market. Educational opportunities seemed endless. With over 150 educational sessions it was a daunting task just trying to decide...

A Difficult Home Pitch

Selling your home isn’t easy, especially in a saturated housing market. Help your home stand out amongst the rest with these tips and, before you know it, buyers will be lining up to snatch your beautiful home! How to Sell Your Home Quickly Scale your price according to market value...


Pass on the Granite

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, there’s nothing more exciting than updating your countertops to a new beautiful material. There are dozens of materials to choose from in addition to the ever popular but pricey granite. Though granite countertops are reliable, they’re also commonplace and don’t represent a particularly...

Home Additions – Building Up or Building Out

Adding onto a house is a big investment of time and money, so you understandably want to make the best choices and get the most out of your project. One of the first things you must decide is whether you’re going to expand horizontally or vertically. (more…)


Blinded by Color

With so many color options to choose from, it can be daunting to pick and pair the right ones to create a captivating interior color scheme. Some colors that may look great together on swatches may not look as fantastic in a room with little natural light, and the dark...

Designing the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Your kitchen is the core of your home. From parties to family dinners, the kitchen fosters relationships and provides added resale value should you choose to sell. However, when remodeling your kitchen, the sheer number of options and decisions can feel overwhelming. Make the entire renovation experience easier and more...


Can Good Design Can Prevent Bad Habits?

Simplify your morning routine with a custom home. Ever feel like your mornings slip away from you and your time after work is spent on more work at home? You’re probably trying to fit your routine around a home that was designed for someone else’s routine. Makes sense, doesn’t it?...

Construct Your Dream Home with These Contractor Tips

Home renovation is an exciting process for any homeowner. There are virtually endless possibilities for the look and function of your new space, but this freedom also presents its own set of challenges. That’s where a contractor’s knowledge can come in handy.  (more…)