Blinded by Color

With so many color options to choose from, it can be daunting to pick and pair the right ones to create a captivating interior color scheme. Some colors that may look great together on swatches may not look as fantastic in a room with little natural light, and the dark colors you’re eyeing may not create the illusion of space you intended in a large, brightly lit room. Here are some tips for picking the right interior color scheme for your home before you buy your first gallon of paint.

Picking the Perfect Interior Color Scheme

Ultimately, the right color scheme needs to be one with which you’re comfortable. Before you begin, understand that hues of colors can open spaces or shrink them. Dark colors like maroon tend to shrink a room but can add warmth, whereas light colors create an open, airy feel, making even the tiniest space seem large.

Next, consider the proven psychological effects of colors. Blues are calming and relaxing, reds inspire activity, greens exude peacefulness and evoke nature while yellows can imbue viewers with cheeriness. Want your living room to feel calming? Give it a coat of ocean blue paint for some relaxing seaside vibes. Want to wake up with some extra pep in your step? Coat your bedroom walls in an energizing yellow hue.

Unsure where to start and stop when painting a room with multiple colors? Let architecture be your guide. Let corners and transition areas be natural places for you to stop, especially with features like crown molding. Stick to a monochromatic scheme but use accent colors on self-contained walls. Try not to use more than three colors in a room.

Neutrals may be safe colors to stick with, but you can still add bursts of color to complement furniture or hanging artwork. If you prefer a neutral room, dress it up with accessories, furniture and artwork in colors of your choice. Color adds life and exciting focal points to a neutral room, making it feel more inviting.

Pick the Right Color Scheme for You with Help from Design Management Group

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