The benefits of hiring a Design Build company in New Orleans

 What is Design Build anyway?

The Design Build Institute of America (DBIA) describes the process as

“…a method of project delivery in which one entity works under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services.”

In short, this means that the home or property owner signs one contract with a company that designs, manages, and constructs the project from beginning to end. This is pretty unique in the way that design and construction projects are usually handled. The old way involved many contracts and contractors, often leaving the owner to manage many entities and end up spending more time and money than planned. Below are photos of a Metairie design build project from concept to completion.

metairie design build process

Benefits of the Design Build Method

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Design Management Group is one of the few design build companies in New Orleans, and has delivered beautiful designs to some very happy homeowners. Scroll through some of our recent projects to see why. The design build method helps us to successfully deliver construction projects with superior results, no matter what the scope entails. From blueprints to post-construction cleanup and landscaping, DMG provides design build services in New Orleans and Metairie for every stage of your home renovation or new construction.

1. Lower Costs

Talking about the budget during the design phase helps to keep your renovation or new construction within a range that you can afford. It’s easy to design big without considering material and labor costs but you’ll often spend much more than you bargained for once you see the contractor bids start rolling through. Once the scope of work has been settled on, the costs associated with your project are clearly defined so there are no surprise expenses.

2. Shorter Project Timeline

Design build creates opportunities for clients to sit with big decisions, ask questions, and consider their options. Projects can be completed in a shorter amount of time because

  • Bid time is reduced because we use only our most trusted sub contractors
  • Scheduling for the project can begin before the design is even finalized
  • Potential construction problems are uncovered early
  • Enhanced communication within the company keeps everything on schedule

Our design build system is highly adaptive and agile, meaning big decisions can be revisited during the construction phase without change orders or additional fees.

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3. Better Communication, Better Product

The conventional design-bid-build process leaves a lot of room for error and miscommunication. The design team and the build team have an established method of communication with the homeowner or property owner to ensure that their dream is being delivered. DMG even has an integrated Client Portal so that you can see every inch of progress made while maintaining our internal accountability.

Take a look at this video to see what one client has to say about their Metairie design build experience.

4. Quality

The design build method helps to remove the ambiguity that may arise during the building phase. Since the designer, engineer and builder are from the same company, the focus remains on protecting your best interests and delivering a quality product.

new orleans design build results

DMG – Design Build Company in New Orleans & Metairie

DMG is an award winning design build company in New Orleans and Metairie. We have years of professional experience in construction, and we understand pricing, sequencing, and structural engineering. Our clients rave about their experiences working with us because we value communication and quality workmanship, and we go above and beyond to keep your home clean and livable during renovations.

at DMG, we build through communication, not just amazing projects but amazing relationships. We achieve excellence through teamwork, and honesty and accountability are the core of our values.

Contact DMG to find out more about our Design Build services and how we can make your dream home a reality.